Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside

Part 1:

Overall, I liked this movie. even though it was in subtitles and in Spanish, it was still very powerful and meaningful. I believe Ramon had the right to assisted suicide. I would consider assisting in his suicide as sympathy rather than the destruction of a human life. I think that is how Rosa and Julia viewed it also. But the court's decision surprised me. I thought for sure Ramon would win his case, but he did not. In the end, Ramon killing himself really added drama to the movie and embeded the message of the movie deeper into all of the viewers hearts.

Part 2:

Both The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly are very moving stories. I liked the Sea Inside better because, it seemed like I got to get to know the character more because he could talk and voice his opinion on the issue, where as in Bauby's case, he could do nothing of the sort. Another obvious similarity is that both of the main characters were quadripeligic, but a key differnece inside that similarity is Ramon can talk and still move his head. Bauby was really trapped and it was more of a tale of sympathy for him instead of a quest for dignity like in Ramon's case.

Part 3:

Many scenes in this movie stood out to me and were influencial. But the main ones were:
-LS of sea shore, with a pan of it too. This really set the scene of the shot sequnece and gave a good example of where they were and what emotions the characters werre feeling.
-MS of Ramon, with a pedestal that followed him as he dove into the shallow ocean. This shot was very powerful too. The pedestal effect gave the impression that you fell with him to his 'death.'
-CU of Ramon's face as he was underwater. This shot had a lot of emotion in it. The close up made the viewer feel for Ramon and it brought the viewer to the accident almost.
-ELS of Spainish countryside as Ramon flies, with a HA. This was a very extreme shot. It really made the viewer feel like they were 'flying' with Ramon over the hills to the sea. Powerful.
-EL of Ramon while he's lies in his bed, CU. This set up of shot angle and field of view is almost identical everytime Ramon is seen in his bed. It connects the viewer to Ramon at the given time by bringing them to Ramon's height.

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