Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outside Reading Blog #6

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Part Two: In section five of my memoir, Gerry encounters all of the problems associated with his journey. Duldrums, close-encounters with large tankers, horrible weather and the constant sway of the sea. Yet through all of these troubles, Gerry sees Link, the ship that his wife is on. He makes a peaceful landing on England and is swarmed by photographers and publicity. His biggest relief once he was on dry land again, he said, was being able to take a huge bubble bath. Gerry's successful transient of the Atlantic proved to many that impossible is nothing and a man's courage has no limits.

I enjoyed reading part five. It was very exciting and suspenseful when Gerry was encountering all of his problems at sea. The suspense kept me turning page-by-page and it was hard to stop reading. Once he made port and had completed his voyage, it got a little boring because he talked about how hard it was and how grateful he was and so on. It seemed like it lost some of its spark or thrill-factor. But, Jerry took about 50 photos that he displayed in his book. That made it interesting because it was very fun to look at what he actually saw. Like oil barrels drifting in the sea, the shores of Cornwall and the endless horizon out on the Atlantic.

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