Sunday, September 30, 2007

Outside Reading Blog #2

Over my second chunk of my memoir, I came across some good loaded words, such as:
-bane: This sparked a negative reaction when I read it, because it was describing the impact of a storm. (11)
-teenage: Here it was viewed as neutral. It was describing two boys who were hauling in a sailboat. (11)
-whining: Whining here was describing a small boat motor, so I'd say it was a negative impression. (12)
-jaws: This was discribing a gale force wind, negative again. (18)
-manager: This is Sally's job, but here it's a good thing, so positive reaction. (19)
-children: positive, here it shows innocence because all of the neighboorhood kids are coming over to look at the boat. (29)
-little: neutral because it's describing his boat, but in a way it's a good thing. (30)
-flood: normally a negative event but it was used to emphasize a lot of memories, so positive. (31)
-chunky: Neutral. It was most likely used to describe how odd the sailboat's shape was. (35)
-money: the envy of most humans, but in Gerry's budget he wished he had more, so negative. (38)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Post

My goal for this year at Edina High School is of course, to get good grades. But also, I really want to succeed at schoool. I want to put in adequate time and work to the point where I feel comfortable with every subject.

I'm very anxious about all the new people and faces here at EHS. There's so many new people who I haven't met or haven't gone to school with ever. It will be a huge bonus to study and hang with friends that I normally haven't associated with school!

Outside Reading Blog #1

My outside reading book is "Alone Against the Atlantic" by Gerry Speiss. In this book so far, Gerry has taken his homemade boat, Yankee Girl onto White Bear Lake in the middle of an intense thunder storm. But his wife Sally was worried once she realized that Gerry was out on the lake alone in the storm. So, she hopped in her car and circled the lake numerous times until she saw Yankee Girl tipped over by the dock!

Sally ran to the dock, fearing the worst, but Gerry popped his head right up out of the cabin and asked, "What's the matter?" Sally then gave him a large hug and finished helping him adjust the ballast of the boat.

In the back of his head, Gerry did adress the possibility of his ultimate goal: sailing Yankee Girl alone across the Atlantic...