Sunday, September 30, 2007

Outside Reading Blog #2

Over my second chunk of my memoir, I came across some good loaded words, such as:
-bane: This sparked a negative reaction when I read it, because it was describing the impact of a storm. (11)
-teenage: Here it was viewed as neutral. It was describing two boys who were hauling in a sailboat. (11)
-whining: Whining here was describing a small boat motor, so I'd say it was a negative impression. (12)
-jaws: This was discribing a gale force wind, negative again. (18)
-manager: This is Sally's job, but here it's a good thing, so positive reaction. (19)
-children: positive, here it shows innocence because all of the neighboorhood kids are coming over to look at the boat. (29)
-little: neutral because it's describing his boat, but in a way it's a good thing. (30)
-flood: normally a negative event but it was used to emphasize a lot of memories, so positive. (31)
-chunky: Neutral. It was most likely used to describe how odd the sailboat's shape was. (35)
-money: the envy of most humans, but in Gerry's budget he wished he had more, so negative. (38)

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