Monday, October 8, 2007

Diving Bell and the Butterfly Review

Well, I had mixed reactions when it came to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I did admire the genuine story of Bauby and the tradgedy he lived with while he had locked-in syndrome, but it was a very confusing book to read. I think Mr. Hatten described it very well when he said most teens don't reall understand or appreciate the book in its entirety due to the fact that it really doesn't have a true focus or plot.

Bauby seems like an incredible man, and if someone can tell this just through his writing, then it must be true. He tells his sorrow-filled journey with such emotion and even happiness that it really makes you stop and think about what it would be like to have locked-in syndrome. He opens up to the reader and imposes very powerful subjects with testing answers to every theme or topic he brings up.

But the cons to this memoir were numerous. Personally, I did not enjoy the randomness of his writing even though he was following his thoughts. Also, it was very confusing due to all the dreams and make-believe adventures. All the fantasy did make for a good relief from his precarious state, yet it was a bit distracting.

In conclusion, this memoir was a good read. Once you overcame the absent-minded writting style, it was touching and wholesome. This book had good moral lessons and told a story of a great man who was trapped in a diving bell, but had a mind of a butterfly...

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