Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading Q2 Week 6

Part A:
-meritorious (216): gained by merit or accomplished through hard work.
-lectern (215): a stand with a slanted top, used to hold a book, speech, manuscript, etc., at the proper height for a reader or speaker.
"'I am privileged to be the first to fornally address you asUnited States Marines,' the colonel says. 'Marines you are, and Marines you will always be'" (215-216). I like this quote because it symbolizes something you would hear in a movie. It really stimulates my insides because it brings the feeling of accomplishment to the forfront of my mind. That honor and achievment are more important on this day than ever before.

Part B:

For this part, I'm choosing to relate the book to every other Hollywood soldiery movie.

I believe that this book could be made into a great movie. It has all the charcateristics of one: like a strong protagonist (Andrew Lee), a great motivator who relates to the troops (Sgt. Carey) and the atomsphere of Parris Island itself is enough to make the movie great. It would be similar to The Guardian starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher in the sense that it would mainly focus on the training of Platoon 3086 in its entirety. And it would also move beyond that and show how the recruits handled the battlefield as well, also like The Guardian. It would also replicate other war movies such as We Were Soldiers and Full Metal Jacket, where the focus is on the cohesiveness of the group, and that in turn, determines their success. It would also have the power to "give young men chills" and fill the viewers' hearts with the desire to be more than the ordinary, to strive to be honored and decorated, for the chance to make something more of their lives and fight for our country. Personally, I love movies that make you do that to. It seems like it connects me to the plot, and I really become engulfed in the story because I want to be in it.

In conclusion, if a movie were made about my book, it should incorporate the realness of boot camp, the bonding between soldiers, and inspire America to become something better. If this could be achieved, I believe this movie could succeed and become a classic like the others.

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